Career Networking Luncheon

Career Networking Luncheon

Monday, April 4, 2022 • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Room 118-BC


Veronica Contreras-Shannon, PhDChair
Veronica Contreras-Shannon, PhD
St. Mary’s University

Morgan Preziosi, PhDCo-Chair
Morgan Preziosi, PhD
Fenix Group International, LLC


Chair - Welcome and Introductions  
Table 1 - Life Science Consulting
Morgan Preziosi, PhD • FENIX Consulting Firm
Morgan Preziosi
Table 2 - Biotech/Pharma Scientist
Robinna Lorenz, MD, PhD • Genentech, Inc.
Robinna Lorenz
Table 3 - Science Communication
Yasha Duggal, PhD • Penn State University
Yasha Duggal
Table 4 - Government Careers in Science
William Stetler-Stevenson, MD, PhD • NCI/NIH
William Stetler-Stevenson
Table 5 - Academia - Core Director
Kelsey Dillehay McKillip, PhD • UC Biorepository
Kelsey Dillehay McKillip

Table 6 - Professor
Jonathon W. Homeister, MD, PhD • University of North Carolina

Jonathon W. Homeister
Table 7 - Lab PI
Kirk Wangensteen MD, PhD • University of Pennsylvania
Kirk Wangensteen
Table 8 - Chief Medical Officer
Dan A. Milner, MD, MSc, MBA • The American Society for Clinical Pathology
Dan A. Milner
Table 9 - Science Entrepreneur
Cecelia Yates, PhD • University of Pittsburgh
Cecelia Yates
Table 10 - Academic/Professional Society
William B. Coleman, PhD • American Society for Investigative Pathology
William B. Coleman